A New Direction: The Halo Series

My favorite time of day is after the sun has set and there is a vibrant sky backlighting everything around you. The normally blue sky turns to hues of yellow, orange, or pink…. and in some cases, lime green. The lighting shows you the true shape and contour of things. It’s ambiguous and calming, much like the majority of my work.

These images are painted on a thin piece of canvas board and are cropped with a white gloss paint to “frame” the subject, much like a polaroid,  adding to the sense of immediacy… in hopes that this brief moment would last every second. Each 12 x 16 canvas board is attached with a ¾” block on the back so when it’s hung, it appears to float on the wall, giving it a definite presence. This is just ONE new direction with my work I’m exploring. You can expect more pieces and variations to this new collection.